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Why Dry Ice Cleaning?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Why have co2 Auto Renew clean your car with dry ice?

More often than not vehicle owners realize a gain in value when their vehicle has been cleaned by Co2 Auto Renew using dry ice blasting. Prospective purchasers/customers look for clean, well cared for and solid cars when shopping for a new car.

A car cleaned using the dry ice blasting process has not had high pressure water blasted into every crack, corner and crevice. Dry ice sublimates. This means dry ice, which is frozen, or solid carbon dioxide, does not "melt" into a liquid. Frozen co2, carbon dioxide, transforms from a solid directly to a gas. This solid to gas process is called sublimation. That means when this process is used to dislodge, or remove unwanted substances from you vehicle nothing is left behind. No water, soap or any other chemicals are used during the cleaning process. Therefore there is nothing left behind after we are finished. All we leave is a very clean, dry car.

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Co2 Auto Renew

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1 Comment

Matt Rutledge
Matt Rutledge
Feb 20, 2023

Nice job C02 Renew!

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